Wednesday, March 24, 2010

making a list, checking it twice

This is a journaling exercise from a book I'm reading.

Make a list of one hundred things you want to do or be before you die. If this feels too intimidating, try a list of fifty. But follow these instructions: Let your imagination run free. Allow yourself to repeat some items. Postpone the question, "Do I really want this?" Don't worry about the practicality of some of your desires.

I am hoping to do this quickly, so there's no time for questions or practicality.

1. Travel to all continents with Steve
2. Raise a family
3. Start a garden
4. Compost
5. Coffee shop
6. Bachelor's degree in Art
7. Seminary
8. Master's degree in something awesome
9. Teach on some level (even if it is 2 year old's sunday school)
10. Own a piano
11. Sell something I've made
12. Author a children's book
13. Learn to sew well
14. Start a business
15. Find out if ceramics is my thing.
16. Live in a place for more than 2 years at a time
17. Be a stay-at-home mom
18. A regular giver
19. Become an early bird
20. Develop a green thumb
21. Volunteer
22. Travel photographer
23. Work at a church
24. Make a recipe book of all my favorite recipes
25. Read the Bible once a year
26. Write some curriculum
27. Bicycle as main source of transportation
28. Disciplined
29. Be a well-educated mom
30. Cook a lot
31. Support/help a young adult who is in trouble financially
32. Get rid of all junk
33. Have no items left suitable to be a white elephant gift
34. Leave my grandchildren a wealth of wonderful memories (instead of $)
35. Host a foreign exchange student
36. Support missionaries
37. Be aware of the needs of my immediate community
38. Build a house
39. Design a building
40. Start liking berries
41. Develop a taste for fish
42. Learn to be wise with words
43. Short term missions
44. Have a porch and sit on it every night
45. Be a good neighbor
46. Know Scripture exceptionally well
47. Figure out what I want
48. Survive without a clock
49. Make/grow a large portion of my grocery list
50. Become a vegetable farmer

Ok. I am tired. So 50 it is.

Here is a quote I really like from the book:
"Understanding the difference between hope and expectations is critical if we are to allow our future to be shaped by God. Hope longs for good but is able to be flexible about how that good might appear. Expectation grasps at solutions and becomes easily attached to outcomes. When we are hopeful, our imagination and creativity flourish. But when we are locked in expectations, it is easy to turn our picture of the possible future into an idol." (page 87)

51. (I just thought of one more) Release a rock album of hymns, lead female vocals.


Emily Grace said...

If you do number 51, I can guarantee you that I will make number 11 come true.

Emily Grace said...

I will also make number 11 come true if you accomplish number 12. ex

Emily Grace said...

Confession: I opened this window several times, in attempts to find a sweet word verification. (Procrastination at its finest.) I was sorely disappointed at the lack of quality words. I ended up with this:


I find it interesting because, even as an english major, I can't decide how I would pronounce it.

Laura said...

I can probably give you a deal if you buy number 51 and 12 in a package deal (sold at christian bookstores across the country).

I think the c would sound like an S and both i's would be like the i in "it" or "in."

But not sure. First impression.

Eva Joy said...

Hmmm, interesting. My first impression was more along the lines of trick-itch. said...

And my first response was tri-sitch.

See the predicament I found myself in?

Ironically, I am having the same issue with this one: lereiti.

Laura said...

i don't even know which syllable to put emphasis on for that one. Maybe the second?

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