Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving comes early...metaphorically speaking.

I love Thanksgiving. It is easily my favorite holiday. Not a lot of controversy around Thanksgiving. Sharing a big meal with loved ones and being thankful are things that can and should happen all year round, but it is nice to have a specific day set apart specifically for that. I feel like I have blogged several times about my love for Thanksgiving, but cannot find it (perhaps was a list on another no-longer-existing-except-in-our-hearts website? I would link to it, but it no longer exists. Except within our hearts).

Anyway, that is not really what this post is about. It is about life. Right now in life, it feels like Thanksgiving. Lots of hustle and bustle. Lots of good food on my plate. Some food that only tastes good when eaten with other things, others that I would like more of, etc. I don't have time to blog, I don't have time to take or post a new picture (if I lived in a different time zone and under a less densely clouded sky, I might have pictures of shooting stars, but alas I don't even have that).

I just have time to sneak in this post, because even though the plate is full of good food, I like to make time for a blog here and there. I don't blog because it is trendy or because thousands of people read it...I actually like to do it. So consider this my ice cream for now. Something that is a treat for me, and something that I always have room for.

On an unrelated topic, here is a question, until next time:

Do you think that people who are night people can train themselves to be morning people? Or are they just fooling themselves? Is being a night person or a morning person something that is learned, or something that is innate?

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