Monday, November 23, 2009

dreams are nice

I dreamed that I did an informal poll on here, trying to gauge the readership of the blog. Within seconds there were like 10 responses.

1. How lame that I am dreaming about my blog.
2. Even if there weren't 10 readers, I would still write...but it's nice to know if you have an audience.
3. In defense of 1, I did have a fever all day yesterday, and still have a higher than is normal for me temperature today. Could write it off as a hallucination (although the fever at its highest was 101.3 F, and I think it has to be a tad higher for hallucinations).


Lauryn said...

Don't you remember? ...You DID do an informal poll about your blog readership. Man, you really must've been sick!

;) J/K Hope you feel better soon.

Warren MacLeod said...

First, I can't decide if this is a semi-subliminal message to get people to respond to your blog or not. If so, very tricky. It worked for me. :)

Second, sorry that you're still sick. I can empathize.

Third, remember when I became the first person in camp history to pie two people at the same time? Man that was awesome. ;)

Laura said...

Lauryn, I am losing my mind! Did I really already do that? Oh well.

Warren, remember that time, 2 seconds before your name got drawn, when I confessed that I had never been pied?

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