Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My Church Bible is one that I got as a memento for graduating from Northwestern College. I call it my Church Bible because it is often the Bible that accompanies me to church. It is not the one I read from though.

Some reasons why I bring it to church:
1. It is small, and fits into most purses, bags, and sometimes pockets. Therefore it is easy to carry.
2. Since it is not the one I read most often, it is not full of pesky papers and notes and whatnots that fall out every time it is opened.
3. It is very nice to look at and smells like leather (it is not an ugly Bible, and smells like leather for a reason).
4. Is NIV, so therefore church compatible.

I don't read from it simply because it is not the translation I like the best. The translation I like the best is the New Living Translation, not to be confused with the Living Bible. The New Living Translation is an actual translation, not a paraphrase. My reasons for liking it are simple. When I was in junior high, one of my confirmation mentors (a dear old lady named Hazel) gave me a Bible as a gift for being confirmed. We also received big beefy hard cover NIV study Bibles (from the church). The Bible from Hazel was the New Living Translation. It was from that Bible that I realized my deep hunger for God's Word. The beefy NIV often got left on the shelf, only to be used for its reference qualities. Anyway. I don't really care what translation you use. That's not up to me. And really, this post was not intended to be about translations, if I look at the title of it.

Back to my Church Bible. One thing I really love about my Church Bible (other than how fancy it looks) is the red ribbon bookmark. I love it. I use it to mark two chapters that I like to fall back on and think about often.

The body of the bookmark marks Isaiah 55. The part that sticks out the bottom is tucked up into 1 Kings 17.

Both of them remind me that God satisfies my every need, both spiritually and physically. He feeds my soul and my mouth.

In the links above, I've sent you to the New International Version only because that's what my Church Bible has bookmarked.


Guy Magno said...

I am looking forward to getting a glimpse into your life again through this new blog. I am also excited that i am the first to comment on said new blog.

The first post was great- keep up the good work. I think this new blog is a lot like your church bible- new, clean, and a bit more professional. Great to see you do both. You are an incredible writer and you are a joy to read.

Warren MacLeod said...

Good to see the new blog!

ashpad said...

1. "reader" changed
2. commented.

3. you mentioned that you bring your NIV because it is "church compatible" -- i wonder why it is that most churches have decided that NIV is the most accepted version... my church uses the ESV.
gets me thinking.

Laura said...

Guy - Thanks much for the encouraging words.

Warren -- Thanks, thanks.

Ashley --- I don't know why it is the most accepted version. Must be a conspiracy? I've heard a lot of good things about the ESV.

Lauryn said...

Reader updated! Looking forward to seeing more of your photography in this blog... and to reading more posting-because-I-want-to-not-because-I-have-to posts. :)

Laura said...


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