Monday, February 9, 2009


Tonight during Bible study I concluded that we are blessed if we have a lot, and we are blessed if we have a little.
We read through and discussed the parable in Luke 12:13-21, the parable of the rich fool. There was a lot of good discussion and insight, and I wish I could remember it all. Sorry, but this will only be a glimpse.
We concluded that it's not wrong if you've been blessed with an abundance (of money, time, resources, power, energy, vision, etc). It just means that you've got the responsibility to be generous with that abundance. How great and how blessed to be able to give to and share with others what God has given you! We must not think that we can just sit on our "wealth" and keep it all for ourselves. We can't take it with us, and it certainly could all be lost!
On the other hand, what freedom to not be bogged down by greed! If we haven't been "blessed" with a lot, we have a certain freedom that others who have in abundance might not have (try to stay with me).
One example of this was our laptops. When students are here at school, they feel the compulsive need to be on it nearly all the time (I can relate). But when they go home, and they pack up their laptop for the summer, they are free to spend time with family and friends (in person, even!), or to read a book, or to play a game, or to catch up on what's behind, or whatever they need to do.
The example that I thought of was riding the bus. Most often I don't carry a lot of cash or valuables on me. Mainly because I don't really have a lot of cash or valuables. When I ride the bus, and I'm aware that I have some money in my pocket or bag, I'm always checking my pocket or bag to make sure that that money stays there. Usually I swing my bag around and carry it in front. When I ride the bus and I don't have anything of value (even if my bag is full), I can ride in freedom. If somebody desperately wants to steal my planner, the only thing I've lost is my schedule. Most of the items in my bag can be replaced (I'm not saying that some of them wouldn't be a hassle to replace).
So whether I have a lot or a little, I am blessed. I hope I don't ever have to build a bigger barn for my abundance.

This picture was taken circa 2002. It's most likely not edited.

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