Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Facebook Quality Control

What if each person were allowed only 31 Facebook posts a month? I imagine a utopian Facebook where everyone thought carefully before posting, asking themselves, "is it worth it to use up one of my posts for this?" Sure, there would be people who would consider it a blow to their freedom of speech (they're always out there, waiting for a reason to use it for complaining), but overall, I think it would immensely improve the quality of Facebook.

Some guidelines I've thought of (in the likely event that Mark Zuckerberg is reading):

31 Posts A Month. It averages out to one post a day (with some months getting a bonus!). What counts as a post?

A status update. or
A share. or
One photo album with a limit of 31 pictures (so, you could still have nearly a thousand pictures posted by the end of the month, if that is what you want to use your posts for...but if your album only has, say, 10 pictures, any other time you add pictures would count as an extra think it through!). or
One profile picture change. or
One 31 second video. or
One gaming update. or
One link to an inspirational/funny quote or a recipe (Oh, hey! Have you heard of Pinterest?). or
One link to an article or blog post. or
One cover picture change. or
One post on one other person's wall. or
You get the picture. One post a day. I'm being really generous with photo albums.

Unlimited Likes and Comments of course. And messages sent to others would be unlimited as well.

What other quality control ideas am I missing?

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