Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Making. Creating.

As I was flipping through Geneva College's Winter 2012 edition of their magazine for the 100th time (yes, it is time to update our bathroom reading material), I came across a beautifully written in-memoriam piece written by a professor I don't know, about a professor I didn't know. I found a quote that I would like to put as the banner of the ole blog, and figured that since most of my regular reader probably doesn't come to the blog, but reads it on a reader, I would post it here too. An edited version, of course, to make it more general sounding.

"...until the Romantic Movement of the 19th century, no writer would have claimed to be creative. Chaucer and Shakespeare would have cocked a quizzical eyebrow, Milton and Bunyan would have fixed you with a baleful glance, if you had referred to them as creators. They always identified themselves as makers. They knew that there is only one Creator, and that the rest of us are simply makers, doing what we can with what we have been given. We are makers in the service of the Creator. Our calling is from God. Our groundedness is in the Lord. Our wisdom begins in reverence for God."
- Dr. Ann Paton

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Laura said...

Had to shorten it for the banner anyway.

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