Friday, February 24, 2012

Things for this summer

Ongoing list of things for this summer (starting in mid-may, after I graduate and have time for hobbies again). I may add to or subtract from this as I see fit. Most of my ideas can either be found on this blog somewhere, or on my pinterest. Perhaps if I am successful in trying to do some of these things, I will post a picture or two.

1. Figure out container gardening.
2. Relearn to crochet, and practice with the giant hook you bought (perhaps you know that I crochet extra tightly. I would like to crochet in such a way that it is enjoyable (more crocheting less wrestling to get the hook through my tight tight knots), less painful for my hands, and more productive (it takes me forever to accomplish anything. See the parenthetical thought next to "enjoyable.").
3. Finish that mini-quilt you started a last year.
4. Master making your own laundry-detergent (using a bar of soap you made).
5. Read for fun.
6. Canning.

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