Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm sitting here reading Exodus for a class, and am struck by a few things (as always when you sit and read a book of the Bible in one sitting), but mainly how much I can relate to Moses. And how the Israelites are such whiners.
Don't get me wrong. Most times I can relate to the Israelites, because I too am fickle, forgetful, and tend to romanticize the past.
But this time around, my heart goes out to Moses. When God tells him to speak to the people, he freaks out because he is not gifted in that way. Then God says, big deal, I created your mouth. I will tell you what to say. And Moses isn't convinced. So God gives him all these miracles to perform. And Moses is still insecure. And on and on. Moses had murdered someone in his past. He wasn't a good speaker. He was 80. And God still used him in such great ways, even though he doubted so much.
And then the people. They were treated so brutally in Egypt. Yet when the slightest thing goes wrong, they whine and whine and whine. They question Moses' leadership skills (um, hello. He's already insecure, and just doing what God told him to do). They say that they would be better off back in Egypt (which, when they left, was in shambles). Come on, people.

Sorry to get all riled up. Have you sat and read the book of Exodus lately? In spite of all disappointing, untrusting people, God is still mighty, and is in control.  He loves His people and provides for them (us) even though they (we) are highly forgetful and short-sighted. It is a great reminder to be thankful in all circumstances, among other things.

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