Friday, February 4, 2011

When Evangelism bites you in the butt (How Laura studies English church history)

Last week I learned that when the Vikings were raiding England in like, the 8th or 9th century, it was a bad time for England, but then England converted the Danes to Christianity (they took really well to it).  So everything was good.

Fast forward to this week's reading:

In the 10th century there was peace and progress in the land (England)...until an incompetent king took the throne, and the Vikings were inspired to renew their raids...but this time as Christians.

Here's my favorite quote:

    • “By 1060 the second Viking invasion had been so far successful that the Danish King, Cnut, had made himself master of England; but his victory was not, as might have appeared, a victory for paganism, for Cnut was a Christian. ... Cnut soon made his mark on England not as tyrant and oppressor but as the protector of the church.” (Page 53 of the same book a few posts ago)

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