Monday, February 8, 2010

Ironic, neurotic,..exotic?

One thing I love to do is to stock up on things. Especially things that don't expire. For example, if a store is having a sale on Toilet Paper, why not get a bunch of it, so that when you actually would've needed more you don't have to pay full price? Or, say, you live in a foreign country (that's where the exotic comes in), and you can't buy a small container of women's shaving cream for less than six dollars...why not just buy 6-7 dollars worth of shaving cream while you are visiting your own country for the summer (a half-year's supply, when you consider that I've kept up with number 28 for quite some time now), so that you don't have to spend your life's savings to shave your legs?

Anyway, I love it. Another thing that I love (here is the ironic part), is completely finishing something off (or, finishing off something? English word order must be so confusing for non-native speakers). For example, when you are about to move somewhere far away, and you want to try to finish all of the food in your refrigerator and cupboard before you leave, so you don't have to throw things away (and, what little you have left, if you play your cards right, you will likely give away). So you go for as long as you possibly can without buying food, and enjoy when you can completely use, for example, the last drop of ketchup and throw away (recycle) the empty container. So satisfying. And the only time you need to go to the store is if you need to buy something supplementary for the 13 packets of cheese powder you bought earlier that year (see the first paragraph). Maybe some milk or something.

Anyway, I feel like I am in the best of both worlds right now. We stocked up last summer on a bunch of things (nyquil, toothbrushes/paste, shaving cream, brown sugar, peanut butter, etc...actually, some of this stuff has been mailed to us because we go through it so fast), and now we're getting to the end of things, and that is perfectly ok, because we soon will have to get into the mindset of "can we take it with us? should we give it away?" I'm even starting to get into that mindset with things that we can and do buy here, like facewash and shampoo.

In the beginning of 2010, I read a blog that was so intriguing, that I just had to try what it suggested. Actually, it was a blog with a link to another blog. Anyway, this blog was talking about not using shampoo or conditioner, and washing your hair with more gentle (semi) everyday household items. It is supposedly better for your hair, and very cost-effective. Unfortunately, just days before, I had stocked up on shampoo and conditioner (see the first paragraph to guess what size bottles I bought...if there even is such a thing as economy-size in Eastern Europe). So, I've been looking forward (I would anyway) to the day when I pump the last drop of shampoo (or conditioner) out of the container, and try a new way of washing my hair. I probably have another month or so. Probably just around the time it is warm enough for me to stop wearing a hat outside.


Eva Joy said...

I read this line:

"And the only time you need to go to the store is if you need to buy something supplementary for the 13 packets of cheese powder you bought earlier that year (see the first paragraph)."

And I referred back to the first paragraph and my first thought was, "Why does she put cheese powder in her shaving cream?" And I pondered that for a minute or two and I was really confused and ever-so-slightly disturbed.

And then I read the next line.

"Maybe some milk or something."

And I realized you had stockpiled on packets of cheese poweder.

And that made a lot more sense.

Laura said...

Ha! ....and mmmm, cheesy shaving cream. Or would you call it shaving cheese?

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