Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just when you forgot they existed

Let's see how I'm doing on my 9 goals for 2009 (thanks for keeping me on track, Lauryn).

1. Start and complete a 500-1000 piece jig-saw puzzle.
Done and done.

2. Work my way up to eating 5 servings of fruit per day.
Really have sucked at this. But it is finally summer, so I've done better. Also, since I found out avocado is a fruit, I've done somewhat better. I should start by maybe eating one serving of fruit per day and working my way up to 5. Today in a salad, I ate some tomato. Tomato is a fruit.

3. Reduce more, Recycle more, Reuse more (not because it's green, but because it's what I've been taught since childhood)
I'm wearing a reduce, reuse, recycle shirt today. You know the one. Will try to be more proactive with this in the autumn.

4. Continue to try to like tea. Learn more about the different kinds enough to have an educated conversation about tea with someone who loves it.
Fruity teas and chai, I like (ironically, if you consider #2). Since being home, I haven't been offered tea as much.

5. Practice Lithuanian
Again, since summer started, haven't spoken it as much. Sometimes will slip it into everyday conversation, much like spanish.

6. Learn the Russian alphabet, and some words
I actually did start doing this with the help of some wonderful students! More to come this autumn, hopefully! (might have to relearn some)

7. Read the manual for our camera

8. Stop touching facial blemishes
Starting now, I will be intentional about this.

9. Learn more about the church calendar
Still haven't done this. Still really want to. I'm glad I put it on the list. I would've forgotten otherwise.


Lauryn said...

Thanks for the update! :) Glad to see I'm not the only one who's only doing sort-of-well on her big to-do list.

I posted an update, too, at

Laura said...

No prob. How much more of your list do you have to do? You seem to be making a lot of progress!

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