Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Shack

The longer I wait to do the review, the worse the review will be. So I don't think that this will really be a review, but instead the start of a discussion. Hopefully. If people comment. If not, then a forgotten post.

We picked up this book in Sweden in an English bookstore on sale for about 2 American dollars. We had heard lots about it, and figured it was high time we read it. Especially for 2 dollars.

I read most of it in the airport/airplane/bus ride home. Generally, I liked it for what it was. Will I base the rest of my life on it? No. Not completely. Do I still chew on some of the views of God presented in this book? Sure.

For those who haven't read it, it is a fictional story about a man whose young daughter was tragically murdered (I guess that is a little redundant, what murder isn't tragic?) in a shack. Years later, while he is still mourning, God writes him a note inviting him back to this same shack to spend the weekend with Him. So, he goes and hangs out with God for the weekend...has some interesting conversations, and deals with his sorrow.

I liked that God was totally present and relateable.

At times I felt that the book was a bit indulgent, and I forgot that it was a novel and not a pulpit. If that makes any sense. I think it is a book that people should definitely read and discuss. Whether you agree with it or not.

I have more thoughts, but would like to hear yours.


Laura said...

On a semi-unrelated note, the day before I started this book, we saw the movie "Taken." Not a great movie to see when you are abroad (and in this situation I mean abroad as in visiting another country, not living in another country). Anyway, as a result, I imagined that the main character looked like Liam Neeson, even though he isn't described in that way.

Emily said...

I am planning on reading it. Maybe not until my week off between finals and summer school... but it is on a short list (of one book) that I intend to read soon.

Laura said...

Tell me what you think of it.

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