Thursday, April 23, 2009


When I found this gem, it was crusty and black. I've always said that if I had skills I would love to flip a house. You know, buy an old crusty house for cheap, fix it up real nice and then sell it for profit. This is a good starter project for me if I ever decide to go in that direction. Except I won't sell it for profit. I will (attempt to) bake some cinnamon rolls in it (after it's all cleaned up of course), and then put it back in the faculty kitchen where I found it.

As I was scrubbing like crazy, I had a thought. This is the most satisfying and annoying work, all at once. Satisfying because I can see my progress, yet so annoying because it takes so long to even get a little bit accomplished. Much like life. I have all these plans (make cinnamon rolls, for example), and I'm making some progress, but it can be such hard work. But satisfying.

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