Sunday, April 22, 2012


Just. Turned in. My last assignment for the semester. All that's left is a presentation on Monday (pending a snowstorm that's apparently looming), and attending the last few class sessions. But papers are written. Projects are complete. And if they are done well (or well enough), I will graduate on May 12th (consider yourself invited!). What will I do in the meantime? I mean, once I get over the shock of not having to be doing schoolwork every minute, I will need something to occupy my time between now and graduation.

Here's what I can think of so far:

1. Get a haircut. The last time I had a haircut was early January, which is actually still fairly recent, considering I can count the number of haircuts I've had in the last 5 years using only 7 fingers. But I feel like my hair has grown a mile since January, and summer is a-coming. I have a pinterest board dedicated to ideas.

2. Clean out the fridge. I am estimating that over half of the items in there are expired or no longer edible. If I'm feeling up to it, I will keep some statistics and let you know how it goes.

3. Clean up the guest room, to make it nice for graduation guests. Currently it looks like Monica's secret closet, so I have some work ahead of me. I would've posted it here so you could watch it right on the blog. But youtube won't let me. Instead, you have to click here.

4. Get more stars on Angry Birds, my latest addiction. I only need 23 more stars before I have them all (Easter levels included).

5. Utilize my free rental from Family Video.

6. Read these two books for fun (Steve just got them...early graduation gift!).

7. Make my own deodorant. That is, if I can find all the ingredients in Beaver County. So excited about this!

8. Make up an itinerary for graduation visitors. I have so many fun things in mind for when our parents come for graduation! Also, it will be nice to have both of our mothers here for Mother's Day!

9. Send a couple of care packages that I've been meaning to send.

10. Mail/Give out some graduation invitations. I was given 25 invitations for free...and while I can't think of 25 people that will be able to go out of their way to drive/fly to Pittsburgh for a weekend, I can probably think of 25 people that would like to at least put an invitation on their fridge. Plus it will be a nice time to catch up on my correspondence. 


Julie said...

1. I LOVE that you referenced Monica's secret closet. :)
2. Soong Chan Rah es mi amigo.
3. Congrats on being DONE! I'm hoping to use that same phrase in t-minuse 2 days.

Laura said...

1. Ahaha, there is no other way to properly describe it, except that Steve has access, so it's not really a secret ;)

2. Soong Chan Rah spoke in chapel last week, and I was sad that I couldn't go, so Steve got me some books (he might have gotten them anyway, but it's nice to think of it as some sort of consolation).

3. Hooray! Congrats in advance. It is a good feeling!

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