Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Year's Resolutions Revisited.

I have not thought of these for a long time.  Perhaps I am doing some of these without even knowing?

1. Learn to sew well.
I have learned how to thread and rethread my sewing machine, and put together the first part of a small quilt.  I would not say that I know how to sew well yet, but know that I do enjoy it.  Though, it could possibly be more of a winter hobby for me.  I have also started to learn how to crochet recently.  
2. Take frugality to new, creative levels.
Just today I went out and bought a coupon holder.  Really though, not sure if we've really been more frugal than we already are.
3. Make one new photo a week.
Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail.  I shall try harder not to fail in the future.
4. Travel to a country I've never visited.
I went to Canada for Easter.  This only counts if I do two other things on the list for number 9.  Otherwise I need to go to another country that I've never visited.  I'm not too broken up about this, but also not sure how or when I will possibly visit a new country in the next 5 months.
5. Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy (or should this be number 4?).
Have been trying to do this.  It is less meaningful when my life is less busy....though I could count this as an extended Sabbath.
6. Regularly attend a Bible study.
Not so much over the summer, but last semester I did, and really enjoyed it.  When the school year starts, I hope to be in a couple of Bible studies.
7. Expand our family.
Nothing to report here.
8. Sell something I make.
If this happens, it might have to be something I make in the next couple of months.  We shall see. 
9. Accomplish at least 2 of the unbolded goals for 2008, particularly the ones that refer to the fact that I once again live in Pennsylvania.
1. Go to Boston - Not yet.
5. Go to Washington DC - Not yet.
9. Go to Niagara Falls - YES!
13. Go Colonial Williamsburg - Not yet.
17. Go to a Boston Red Sox Game - See above.
21. Go to The Poconos - Not yet.
23. See the Statue of Liberty - Not yet.
24. Go to New Hampshire - Not yet.
27. Go to Vermont - Not yet.
31. Go to Connecticut - Not yet.
35. Go to Maryland - Not yet.
39. Go to Delaware - Not yet.
43. Go to New Jersey - Not yet.
179. Go to Canada -
Here we are on a bench in Canada.
So, basically, I either have to do more on this list, or I need to visit another country.  My top three that I want to do on this list are: Boston, Maryland, and DC.
10. Visit the capital of the country on my passport.
DC.  Haven't been there yet.  Good thing it's on the list twice.
11. Exercise more.
Have been trying.  Actually, out of every other thing on the list, this is the one I've been the most successful with.  Surprise surprise!

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